Our Investment Philosophy

Make highly selective, quality value investments.

thinkerBy staying true to our investment philosophy over the past decade, we have consistently provided our clients with excellent long-term returns with an emphasis on downside protection. Our approach is contrary to those looking for short- term gains. We focus on business fundamentals – uncovering potential underlying investment risks – and continually strive to understand how businesses operate and how those operations are reflected in the financial statements.

Our investment philosophy is grounded in the following:

  • We are investors with a long-term horizon
  • We are highly selective – few meet our proprietary criteria
  • We focus on the risks that matter – avoiding the permanent impairment of capital
  • We win on defense – by providing downside protection

Temperament allows Clarkston Capital to execute on its quality value philosophy.

  • Discipline – to purchase those companies only when trading at a reasonable discount to their intrinsic value, and at a level that provides a reasonable risk-adjusted margin of safety
  • Patience – to hold onto those companies until the price aligns with the company’s true value
  • Courage – remain committed to our investment philosophy in the face of short-term risks and opportunities