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In today’s volatile market, many investment advisory firms attempt to chase short-term appreciation in stock prices. Unfortunately, by focusing on stock prices and not business fundamentals, these firms often ignore the underlying investment risks.

Just as discretion is the better part of valor, detailed research is the basis for making sound investments. 
Clarkston Capital Partners
is an independent investment management firm that carefully evaluates an investment’s potential risks before examining its possible returns. Clarkston only invests in strong companies at an exceptional value. We adhere to a simple investment philosophy: own a concentrated portfolio of high quality companies purchased at prices that are lower than their economic value. The successful execution of this philosophy provides our clients superior long-term returns while minimizing risk and volatility.

We are unique because we are true to our philosophy during all market environments. We are special because we invest in enduring companies possessing enviable economics at an exceptional value. We apply an evaluation methodology to measure a company’s financial, business and management strengths… as well as its potential risks. Our “Future Free Cash Flow” model measures a company’s value while our “Cash Return On Net Operating Assets (CRONOA™)" model measures a company’s profitability.

Because avoiding risk is our priority, less than 2% of the companies in the market meet our stringent requirements for investment.

Clarkston believes time validates strong, and betrays weak, companies. Our patient approach and disciplined investment strategy has allowed us to be competitive in a good markets, but more importantly, consistently outperform the indices in down markets.   

Clarkston offers customized portfolio solutions to sophisticated investors. We aim to maintain our boutique status and build long-term meaningful relationships with a select clientele that reflects our business of investing in a value-focused portfolio of quality companies.

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